Adsense Cleanup is Google’s Bail Out

March 5th, 2009 · No Comments · Google

Lately, people have been asking me of alternatives to Google Adwords. Most people complain about the quality scoring and high bid rates. It seems Google is losing customers due to frustrated users, especially newbies who are seeking an easy solution of getting targeted traffic without feeling ripped off. Another complaint I’ve been hearing is the quality of websites which Google Adsense ads are published on.

I have a strategy for Google to regain the community confidence. If Google was to do a complete cleanup of it’s Adsense inventory, by removing ads on low-quality or undervalued websites then Google could probably retain its growing number of Adwords abandoners. They could do this without even killing off quality score because many low-quality and undervalued websites deliver poor traffic which increases bounce rate thus lowering quality score.

Google reports show my website published on some of the most shabbish looking websites, the type of websites I wouldn’t even visit — basically, made for adsense websites. And in some cases the page was mistargeted, it ddin’t relate to my site one bit. If Google could up their technology to do a better job of detecting MFA, low quality, and undervalued websites while also doing a better job of matching a site to a page then they could easily put a stop to displaying your ads on unrelated crappy sites which don’t deliver converting traffic.

Google has all the data they need with the algorithmic architecture to implement a software to easily detect and reject. Of course, they would need to fine tune it because they wouldn’t want a backlash where the software remove ads on sites who are truly deserving — it could easily make publishers weary then jump ship, but in retrospect the less publishers the higher the bid cost because the supply is low but the demand is high. Who wouldn’t mind paying the high bid costs if they knew the conversion was high also?

What’s your thoughts?

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