GrandCentral is Officially Becoming Google Voice

March 12th, 2009 · No Comments · Google

googlevoice01GrandCentral is Google’s Voice Over IP (VoIP) call forwarding and management platform. It allows you to have a single phone number for the rest of life that can be used for varying purposes. The single phone number can forward to any phone or device of your choice. The concept is to make managing multiple phone lines a simple task. If you ever had to change your phone number then give your new phone number to your contacts then you know what a hassle it is and how a service like GrandCentral could benefit. Another example would be if you gave out a business card or had a marketing message out in the world, it would benefit to know that phone number on the business card or in the marketing message will always be relevant even when you change your business or home phone number. There are a number of benefits for using GrandCentral (or now Google Voice), here are 10 Reasons Why I Recommend Google GrandCentral!

GrandCentral was acquired by Google in 2007. During that time Google has done very minimal in regards to changing or intergrating the platform. Grandcentral was like the red-headed stepchild of Google products, it was stand alone and not integrated into Google like it so many other products. You had a separate login, the domain wasn’t part of the Google family, and except for the powered by Google you probably wouldn’t know it was a Google application. Well, those days are going to be far behind us soon as Google pumps life into its forgotten product.

Google has officially announced the new and upcoming Google Voice. Google Voice is jam-packed with new and old features. Existing GrandCentral users get first dibbs at the new style of Google Voice. Although currently Google Voice is only in the pipeline and unavailable for direct access, but in the coming weeks it is expected the floodgates will open.

I have faithfully used and relied on GrandCentral services for a while. I am inclined to say that overall the service is top-notch and a great benefit. I honestly have not seen any other brand or company providing such an upscale service for free. Google is way ahead of the game on this one. I can only wait and imagine what Google will have instore for us.

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