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Content thievery is one of the most abused offensive on the net. The biggest problem with online content theft is that the victim may never know they’ve been victimized, because finding content on the web is like finding a needle in a haystack.

There is always the argument, if you don’t want your content stolen or reused, then don’t publish it publicly. Well, that somewhat defeats the purpose in writing the content in the first place — because you want to share it with the world, but on your terms.

Stealing copyright material is a big offense, but is even more overlooked and not enforced as often as it should. You think the courts are overcrowded now, imagine if everyone who had content stolen filed a report or court claim. If someone steals your content and takes the credit without any accreditation to you or the source, then the robber is benefiting from your work. Now imagine the stolen content is passed off as the original content and the stolen content is getting the most traffic and benefit from the content, wouldn’t this upset you as being the original creator of the content. The fact is, this happens on a daily basis, whereas the original content is overlooked while the stolen content reap the rewards.

Anyway, there is a new handy tool out there, Tynt Tracer, which alerts you when someone is copying content from your website. Tynt Tracer monitors your web pages and when someone copies content from one of your web pages it creates a report. The report is to montior and measure the content on your pages which get the most traction and attention from your web visitors.

Knowing what content is being copied can put your website in a better position for creating new content and giving your visitors what they want and are looking for. Even though Tynt Tracer was not created for finding content thieves it is still a tool that can be used for such things and I expect it to become more popular as more website owners find its uses. Currently it’s in BETA mode and free to use. You simply add some javascript lines to your web pages or blog and volia Tynt Tracer is installed and ready to track content copies on your page. Tynt Tracer is a great solution to stopping content thieves on your website, it has a host of features which will empower you and help you keep credit for your content.

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