SEO Copywriting vs. Article Content Writing

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There are clear differences with copywriting & article content. Copywriters write content which markets, publicize, and advertise while article writers write content which inform, review, and educate. The two have different purposes. Copywriting is the ad copy on your website pages written to entice others to buy into your product or service offerings. Copywriters also write press releases for companies. While copywriting is highly effective it cannot be overly used or it may seem to aggressive and may potentially turn consumers off. To balance out your sales pitches you need concrete content which informs or educates. This is where article writing comes in handy. Article writers write the how-to guides for websites, general news articles, and blog posts.

Copywriting for Search Engines

Many copywriters do not posess the skills to write for search engines. This is usually due to the lack of training, because most copywriters are taught or learn to write only for humans. Writing for search engines is fairly a new concept, at least 10 years young! With this being the case, many copywriters have not caught on to the concept. However, there are a plentiful of copywriters who do write for search engines and do an effective job. They primarily promote SEO copywriting services.

Writing for search engines is not difficult, it mainly involves keyword research. If you target the right keywords then it makes the task at hand much easier. Using keyword tools to find your keywords will prove to be rewarding. You should target 1-3 keywords per ad copy. The trick is to target keywords which have high search volumes with low competition. If you cannot find such keywords, then I’d suggest to sticking to targeting high search volume keywords.

Copywriting is an ongoing process. If you want to hire a copywriter then you should seek someone for a long term project, because ad copy should yield results and when the results are not being met then you should modify or tweak your ad copy. Copywriting is not just writing content, it also involves placement of content, content fonts, content colors, etc. Each of these elements need to be tested or trialed for effectiveness. Wherever you decide to place content, it will still need to be keyword rich. Many times ad copy aligned with an image is more effective. Your ad copy should enhance your brand or business while highlighting your offerings.

Article Writing for Search Engines

Article writing for search engines invovles a great deal of keyword research just as copywriting. Keyword research is important for any online writing assignment. The difference with article writing when compared to copywriting is that articles are sometimes lengthier and does not contain any sales pitches or does not serve as a purpose of generating sales (well not in a direct manner — only indirectly).

Articles are usually written to drive targeted traffic to your website. It serves the purpose of getting traffic to your website who can potentially turn into consumers or clients. The best way to write articles is to do research to find out what questions in your industry are being asked or need answers. To do this you will need to scrub questions & answers repositories such as Yahoo! Answers, JustAnswers, WordTracker Question Tool, AnswerBag, etc.

When writing articles it is important to optimize the article page for search engine appeal. You should first make certain the article URL path includes the keyword term(i.e. The article page title should match the article title and should include the keyword term. The article body title should be wrapped in an heading tag, such as H1 or H2 tag. The article body content should repeat the keyword term every 100-200 words. The article should include at least one image and the image should be optimized with the keyword term. The image URL path should include the keyword term (i.e. and the image alternate text should include the keyword term.

This optimization of the article will help your articles rank high in the search engines. It is important that your articles are original and unique for your website. Adding articles to directories for syndication is recommended, but syndicated articles should not be used on your website, unless you use the 80/20 rule. 80% of the articles on your website are 100% original and unique while 20% of the articles on your website are syndicated.

What is your thoughts? Do you have any tips for copywriting or article writing? Please share your comments.


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