Are SEO Bullies Invading Your Space?

October 15th, 2009 · No Comments · General

Do you have a website that just can’t rank? No matter what you do your website never makes it to the first page, lucky if you’re in the top 50 results. It’s not because you’re doing something wrong, but you are being forced out of top rankings because of SEO bullies.

SEO bullies are those who know search engine optimization much better than most others in their target market and therefore use this know-how to their advantage by keeping their competition at bay. The SEO bullies use microsites, doorway pages, press releases, member profiles, articles, etc. to secure the top results for their brand making it almost impossible for anyone else to grab top rankings.

Believe it or not, it’s extremely difficult to take control of the first 10 results, usually the niche has to have a small market and not highly competitive. It’s easy to move rankings out of the box if there are many veteran SEO targeting the same keyword, but for keywords only one or two SEO are targeting then it may be a case where someone is being bullied.

Just like in high school, the best way to deal with bullies is to fight back! Let them know you’re not scarred and you won’t be taken advantage of. The best way to fight back as an SEO is to learn what your competitor is doing and do it better! If their website is designed better, then make yours better. If their site is optimized better, then make yours better. If their link building strategy is better, then make yours better. Sometimes to make things better you have to hire some help, outsource some tasks, manage some projects, etc.

If you’re not prepared to fight back, then put your tail between your legs and run! The bully wins again!


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