How to Become a Social Media Guru Overnight?

October 15th, 2009 · No Comments · Social Media

This secret has never been revealed before. Everyone has tips about how to become popular on social media — they say write like this or do that! Follow this person or that person! Join this group or that group! Say this instead of that! Blah! blah! blah!

I have the ultimate secret to becoming popular and being a social media guru overnight!

Social Media Marketing Guru (twitter, facebook, myspace)

Just Be Yourself!

Stop trying to impress everyone, it’s not going to happen! Stop being scarred if you say the wrong thing then you are going to sully your brand — want to know something, no matter what you say, there is going to be someone who hates it and someone who loves it! And if no one likes what you are saying then you’re targeting the wrong market.

Social media is built off of being yourself. It’s is built from being social. Stop looking at it solely as a marketing tool and unloosen your tie. Meet folks, engage conversation, spark discussions, add meaningful content, etc.

How do you normally meet someone new offline?

  • Are you introduced? do you approach? are you approached? What are you engagement patterns?

When you meet someone new are you clammy or confident?

  • If you don’t know how to meet people then you need to practice — go to a local conference, make cold calls, go out to a bar/restaurant, etc. Just meet people.
  • If you are a confident individual then social media should come second nature to you. Just be yourself, you’ll do fine!

Can you make a friend out of anyone?

  • You know some people are just social beings! They simply can make a friend out of anyone, is that you? If yes, then what are you doing here, head on over to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, etc. Meet you some folk who think just like you.

    Some people are just friend makers, it happened to me last weekend. I was out in D.C. (at a bar) with my wife and brother-in-law, while we there enjoying ourselves this guy approached us in a friendly manner and just begun chatting with us! I was at first taken back, because I’m a cautious person and don’t normally do the stranger-friend thing! But this guy was really cool.

    It came down to he was musician trying to hustle his CD, but the weird thing — I liked him. You could tell he had a good heart with good intent. And when I declined buying the CD he wasn’t pushy or aggressive that was it! Never to be heard about the rest of the night — and we all just sat back, took some shots, and chatted it up for half the night.

    He told us some things about himself, we told him some things about us — nothing too personal, just conversational — like what city you from? How is it there? Talked about music, talked about D.C. back in 1997 (last time I was there). It was cool.

    It was one of those moments when we woke up the next morning we had wished we had got that guy phone number so we all can hang out again next time we in D.C.! Funny thing I found him and his music on MySpace — you know what, maybe I’ll buy his CD (online) — see how that works!

  • If you have a hard time making friends, then you’ll likely have a hard time being social online.

You naturally surf the web, so while surfing it may be important that you bookmark good content you come across. When you meet someone you don’t talk about yourself all the time (not all of us), you shouldn’t it’s not proper etiquette. So online you shouldn’t only publish your content, you share content from others as well.

Whatever, you do socially JUST BE YOURSELF!

or be the person you’re pretending to be if you are a affiliate marketer ;-)


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