The Mind of an Online Purchase

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Do you every ask yourself why are you here (online)? Why do you exist online? What is your purpose in online life?

Nah! Me neither, but…while we’re on the subject, let’s think about it!

There are those such as myself who can build websites (with readymade scripts), host websites, market websites, and manage websites. Some can do one or more of the four, that’s fine you can always hire help. I even need help from time to time. But, what about those who know nothing about any of the four and care less about it, i.e. “My wife” :-)

She’s not alone, there are millions more just like her. In fact there are more people who are not interested in the online marketing world than there are those who do care. With this notion, it becomes extremely easy to make money online.

Stop and pause! Wipe your mind clean and think like one of the web users who use the web daily, but don’t think anything about building websites, hosting websites, marketing websites, or managing websites. What is their purpose in online life?

These type of users make up the larger portion of the web. Thinking like them is essential. Many of these type of users surf the web daily. They make purchases online throughout the year, they buy online services, and they have a consistent online life. They care less about how SEO works or what it is, they are cold-hearted to others (people, websites, etc.) not in their online circle. When they find new websites it is usually a referral from a friend, email link, a web search, news/press release, or a link on a social community (forum, blog, article, network, etc.). They care less about websites beyond first page rankings. They even care less if your website is considered by search engines as a bad neighborhood. If your website can answer the question they are looking for then your website is golden.

When someone does a search online or steps outside of their comfort circle then they are usually seeking for something. This something can be anything — all you need to do is be one of the websites in the user forefront.

When someone makes a purchase online what is the common mental process after they know what they want to buy. Let’s take a walk into the mind of an online purchase. I have listed these in order of importance.

  1. Referrer (if someone came to your website via a random web link then no credibility is yet established, but if they arrive to your website from a friend recommendation then it’s credibility has been established)
  2. Usability (if the website is difficult to navigate then most visitors will back out, because most people are impatient since we live in the online world where everything happens faster. So, if they can’t get to your order page quickly and easily, then guess what?? Yup! You lost that sale. Even though GoDaddy is one of the most popular if not thee popular domain registars in the industry I know people who gave up because of their complex sign up process).
  3. Brand (if the website is well branded and/or known then it is a good sign and establishes trust right away)
  4. HTTPS shopping carts and order forms (if a website doesn’t use HTTPS in areas of the website where it request personal information then it’s hard to feel secure and trust information within the website)
  5. Design (it’s always good to have a nice design, but this rarely ever is a main factor for me unless the site is very poorly designed, has too many popups, flyin ads, or looks weary. I also never ever in my life purchased anything from sales pages — though I’ve heard good stories about them and ClickBank does pretty well — I haven’t mastered the affiliate sales pages thingy yet, ,maybe one day).
  6. I really should have “price” as number one, but in many cases you’ll find the same product at different websites for the same price or a few bucks difference which means I wouldn’t sacrifice saving a few extra dollars if all the above prerequisites weren’t met. I am usually cautious about websites that have deals where I can save a great deal of money compared to other websites. Unless the website is popular and branded I usually stay clear of the “too good to be true”.

The big takeaway should be to “build your reputation and brand” everything else will fall into place.

Determine your purpose in online life. Are you one of the money makers or are you just here letting online life pass you by? Leave your mark and build your reputation…

There’s nothing wrong with not being interested in making money online, but know your purpose online and be true to it! If you really want to dig deep into to the mind of an online purchase then step through your analytics logs and understand it.


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