Google Says Spam Links are Okay

October 19th, 2009 · No Comments · General

Finally, Google has put the myth to rest. So many people are concerned about their website links showing up on spam pages and thinking this can get their website banned or penalized.

I’ve explained in the past that links or content on external spammy websites will not get you banned. This is because Google understands you may not have control of external sources therefore penalizing a website due to external actions is unfair and a huge mistake.

I think Google experimented with penalizing websites due to external actions in 2004-2006, but realized it was an inappropriate tweak. What happens if your competitors wanted to take you down? All they would have to do is blast your link on thousands of spammy websites and your website is outta there! Nope, it doesn’t work like that (anymore)

Google is concerned about the things you have control of…YOUR WEBSITE. The domains which publish spammy links will be taken care of, but the links on that page itself will be free from harm, unless the link display an association with the spammy domain, such as a backlink on your website to the spam domain or your website is spammy itself.

It’s good to see Google finally has addressed this issue and debunked this myth,

I would never suggest that you allow your website to run wild with low-quality backlinks. If there is something you can do to avoid these links then you should do so, but if not then don’t worry about it. Google says the spammy domains will drop out of their link graph so they won’t even know your link is on the page because they will no longer crawl the domain or care about its presence.

Your website will not be penalized, but since the spammy domains are removed from Google’s link graph it is possible rankings for your website will be affected if a large percentage of your backlinks were obtained from spammy domains. With that said, I would caution that if most of your backlinks (let’s say 80%) are from spam domains then Google will surely take notice and flag your domain.

If you maintain a well balanced SEO marketing strategy then you should never need to worry about these type of issues. If you’ve been anal about your link building campaign, then maybe this post can now put you at ease.


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