Breakfast in Hillside, NJ

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Hillside New Jersey breakfast story

Yesterday, (Mother’s Day) I decided to give my wife breakfast in bed, but since she’s not a fan of my cooking style I thought it’ll be best to go get take out. Shortly, I realized how difficult it is to find good breakfast take out, short of the chains like iHop or typical diners. But, I wanted something special and more homely-like.

I knew two restaurants which were soul food places, great food — but much further than I wanted to travel. I was looking for something nearby. I even tried the navigation system with no luck!

I live in Hillside, NJ a small town of 21,000 people but is the gateway for major cities in New Jersey. Hillside touches Union, Elizabeth, Irvington, and Newark, its almost like a hub for these big cities. You would expect to find some good breakfast spots easily. I’m sure there is some breakfast places around the area, but I didn’t venture out much, I stayed local in Hillside, but I couldn’t find a good place to get omelets, pancakes, grits, and beef/turkey bacon or sausages.

As I was about to give up on my search, a beam of hope swept in to rescue me. I stopped at what seemed like a simple convenience store to get a bottle of water. When I entered I saw a full grill with stacks of empty egg cartons. I was in awe! Outside there wasn’t a sign on the door or anything indicating that this place was anything more than a one-stop grocer.

As I made my order I asked the guy at the register how long this place been in business, to my surprise he said “nearly 20 years!” I’ve lived in Hillside NJ for over 25 years, minus the 8 years I moved to North Carolina. I never in my life stopped at this place because I never thought it was anything more than a small moms/pops grocery store. I never had the need to go to this side of town for a general store.

To top things off the food is delicious! This is a diamond in the rough. It shocked me that they lacked the promotional side of their business. If they tended to promotions they could pickup sales. The shabbiness of the place on the outside would make most people keep driving right pass it, but once inside it is quite homely and have a excellent menu.

It seems the nature of this place is deep rooted with the community on that side of town. Those who live near that area frequent the spot and know how delicious it is, but the rest of the world doesn’t even know it exist.

Many website owners operate in the same manner. They get stuck on the idea of a small website or local community site, that they neglect to put full effort into a true marketing plan.

Even a local community place like this food mart can expand by expanding its promotion reach. Every city which touch this small Hillside New Jersey food mart should be included in it’s target geographical areas. No stone left unturn, make sure everyone knows about their luncheonette. Could you imagine how much profit such a place could take in each year? I’ll bet if they promoted their business with at least 40% of their current earnings they’ll see a 100% return on their investment in no time. It’s literally almost guaranteed — that’s how fabulous this place is.

The same promotion woes occur online and if some webmasters truly considered promoting their websites outside its current markets then they can expand their reach and help others learn about their website. Does your website potential reach go as far as it could or are you leaving some markets untapped?

In case you are in Hillside or just wondering about the location of the Quick Food Mart its @ 60 Hillside Avenue, Hillside, NJ 07205. Really great food, don’t let the shabby look scare you away!


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