Google Instant is Instantly Cool With Me

September 18th, 2010 · No Comments · Google

The instant pros of Google Instant is that you’ll likely gain more visitors to your website, that is if your website is already ranked high in the search results for popular keyword phrases. Google Instant provides the web user with suggestions according to volume data.

Last week, Google introduced Google Instant to the general public. It’s described as a new enhancement which shows results as you type. This new enhancement can bring dramatic change to the search game as we know it today. It is becoming even more important to be a top contender in the search engine space.

Let’s say for instance this month “George Steinbrenner” is the most searched person pertaining George’s. As soon as you begin typing “George” the results for “George Steinbrenner” is displayed and the term “George Steinbrenner” is your suggested phrase. Essentially this will bring more visitors to your website as it seems to the untrained eye that your website simply ranks high for “George”. Next month the most popular name containing “George” could be “George Bush” and any website which ranks #1 for “George Bush” would also rank #1 for “George” in the Google Instant results. It’s like getting two for the price of one.

Targeting popular keyword phrases always had the potential of yielding you more traffic, but now it can cause a viral effect and reach the masses beyond just the “targeted phrase”. Google Instant is definitely cool with me.


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